Day: 23 August 2016

  • Four men executed by ISIS for homosexuality

    Four men executed by ISIS for homosexuality

    ISIS have reportedly executed four men on charges of homosexuality.   Four men were thrown to their deaths after being found guilty of homosexuality and sodomy on Saturday in the Nineveh province in Iraq. Two of the men were allegedly part of the ISIS organisation. The men were thrown from the top floor of a […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Suicide Squad

    SUICIDE SQUAD – A team of badguys are moulded into the ultimate bad-ass superhero team in DC Comics keystone answer to the Avengers. Nutshell – The US Government decide that the best way to deal with any future superhero nasty fukkas from outer space is to form there own band of super villains and blackmail […]

  • ADVICE | One ball hangs lower than the other – am I normal?

    This week a concerned reader is worried that one of his balls is hanging lower than the other. Medical Director from Pharmacy2U, Dr Nitin Shori, takes a look at what could be wrong. Dear TGUK I’ve got one ball hanging lower than the other – I’ve not noticed whether other guys are the same, because […]

  • Gay Biography Films On Amazon Prime

    There are a couple of LGBT films in the biography genre available from Amazon Prime. Other Genres: Action | Biography | Bollywood | Comedy  | Drama | Documentary | Horror | Lesbian | Musical | SciFi | Thriller | Trans | TV Series | BACK TO ALL LGBT CONTENT ON AMAZON PRIME   Behind The Candelabra Emmy Award-winning […]

  • 12 questions gay men love

    12 questions gay men love

    We thought we’d turn this around – and talk about the questions gay men actually love. Yes we’ve all heard the questions that drive many gay and bisexual men crazy, “who’s the woman”, “how do you really know…” Of course there are the totally dumb questions straight people still ask LGBT+ people – but we […]