I’ve written about Corvyx a few times before. But if you’ve never heard of him, then allow me to educate you.


But this time it’s not just him, I also spoke to his partner Joey Dean, a fellow singer about their upcoming 13 Reasons Why inspired song and music video and their life with each other 

How did you meet each other?

C: Albeit old souls, in typical millennial fashion, we met each other via the
internet. Joey ‘met’ me through my YouTube channel before I met him as we had a mutual friend who would share my covers sporadically. Joey eventually messaged me about potentially jumping on a show with his band Pros & iCons. The show fell through but we stayed on each other’s radars from there on out.

Eventually, he “slid into my DMs” about a skull spoon I used for my coffee one morning. Such a smooth stalker…TALKER*.

How long have you been dating?

J: The answer sits somewhere neatly in-between “three-ish years” and “forever.” When we met, it felt like we had known each other for years. Even now we question if we somehow entered a time warp and spanned ten years within three. Too many commonalities. Too many coincidences. Down to nonsensical BS.

Both Coryvx and my cousin impersonated the Grinch for their college acting auditions. Can it get any weirder?

It’s a beautiful and terrifying thing to date someone so similar to you

You were dating for quite a while before collabing for the first time, what took you so long to do a song together?

C: To be quite honest, ego and fear. I think for the first time we were both
genuinely intimidated by how talented we thought the other was. The fear of comparison was definitely at the forefront of both of our minds. We thought mixing “business with pleasure” was a dangerous ground to tread but nobody ever really tells you about how liberating and beautiful it can be as well.

We were finally able to let go of our egos. Up until the first collaboration, we had shared all aspects of ourselves with each other so we thought, “Why the hell not share the thing that makes us most passionate and fired up about life aside from each other?” It’s music. It’s creating. It was time.

What made you choose Fall on Me as your first collab?

J: Corvyx approached me with the song. We’re 90’s babies and millennial gays, so it’s hard to escape the orbit of Miss Xtina. (I AM BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SINGLE WAY GODDAMMIT! *wipes tears*).

Considering “Say Something” was such a smash, and a gorgeous track, we anticipated her new collaboration with A Great Big World would open the flood gates. It was the end of 2019. The world was on fire and at war and beginning to spiral into hopelessness. When we heard it, we felt it captured the universal energy afoot. It was sad and reflective, but hopeful. It just felt right, at that time and in that space, for it to be the first song we would record together.


What made you choose this latest song?

C: I initially heard Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met” on the wildly popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and I was gobsmacked by how transcendental beautiful it was. I mean, I really had not been transported by a record like that in a long time. Maybe it was my unhealthy obsession with my dream adolescent celebrity couple “Clannah”, or maybe the lighting was right, but WHAT. A. SONG. I knew I had to cover it one day. And then Joey watched 13RW and he absolutely had the same experience with the song that I did.

After the success of our cover of “Fall on Me”, we decided we should do this more often and what perfect timing? In conjunction with the series finale of 13RW and PRIDE month!

What inspires you about each other, musically and personally?
J: It’s a beautiful and terrifying thing to date someone so similar to you. We
reflect and refract each other in many ways. Through dating, we’ve been able to look within ourselves and reconcile the dark parts of our stories we’ve, at times, sought to expel. We find beauty in them now as we’ve fallen in love with them through falling in love with each other. We share a deep deep spiritual bond, and it’s that spark of life, and that unspoken understanding, that reignites our fire despite the occasional empty fuel tank.

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And what a liberating thing to create together! Especially during these quarantimes.

How do you keep your relationship strong?

J: Communication! And patience, even when there is little. One thing we do very well is talk. Our voices have become more than a means of instrumentation; they’re our lifelines. We maintain an uncanny ability to express how we feel, and at times our overly dramatic homosexual selves complicate that part, but it makes for good music…right? Through the dramatics, we somehow find homeostasis. We just get each other. It makes all the complications much easier to manage.


Does the latest video have a special meaning for you?

C: It definitely has special meaning for me being that it’s something I felt I
manifested. I heard it on the show and knew one day it would happen, but to have the honour of singing this song with my best friend and life partner? It was something I didn’t imagine, so it definitely sprinkled a bit more of that ooeygooey, magical sh*t in there! It was the perfect elixir of manifestation, passion project, and collaboration. And what a liberating thing to create together!

Especially during these quarantimes. Yes, I mean quaranTIMES.

How was your own High School experience?

J: The year is 2013. I’m the only openly gay student in a population of 2500
ravenous, bloodthirsty hormone monsters. How do you think it went? I fended off my fair share of bullies, but I learned that standing tall with a sense of pride despite what others might think garners you a little more respect than you’d expect. My latter years in high school led me to pursue writing and literature in college, which led me to meet my bandmates in Pros & iCons, and thus pursue music. Along that journey I met Corvyx. I guess I have to be somewhat grateful to high school…

C: I guess I’m grateful to high school as well. My experience was a good one at times but I felt tortured internally. I knew from a very young age that I was gay but high school was when the, (as Joey put it), “hormone monsters” were raging and mine were no different. Except, I had to stifle my every organic impulse because unlike Joey, I was very much IN the closet. So we experienced isolation in different ways. I just wanted to come out and be accepted but I had gone on with an act for so long it felt almost impossible. So here’s where the grateful part comes in…I’m grateful I knew how that isolation and fear felt because I know I can never go back to that. Ever. Oh! I sang a lot in high school too so that was fun.

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The Night We Met is released on June 26th

The song is a beautifully haunting version of the song, with a simple yet stunning music video

Corvyx’s social media can be found here. Twitter Instagram YouTube 

Joey’s social media can be found here  Twitter Instagram YouTube

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