In 2017, I interviewed New York-based singer Corvyx, and since then his profile has increased significantly, adding over 35,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

For the first time ever on his channel, he’s doing something he’s not done before, and he shared with me some exclusive images and titbits about the music video and song which is released on January 21st.

As an LGBTQ+ singer, he wanted to celebrate a fellow LGBTQ+ icon… Lady Gaga. This time, however, he’s doing a mashup of some of her most significant songs. I spoke to him exclusively for TheGayUK.

Lady Gaga is a huge LGBTQ+ icon, what inspires you about her?

Gaga is THE artists’ champion. She is the epitome of what most artists aspire to not only accomplish, but eventually become. An untethered vocalist, a fashion icon, an accomplished actress, a revered singer/songwriter, a provocative visual artist, and above all else, a humanitarian. She inspires me because I see a lot of myself in her trajectory. She represents the absolute extreme of how you can express yourself without limitation and continue to evolve and reach success by trusting your artistic instincts. She took pop and the mainstream world and moulded it and not the other way around.

Most artists were being packaged like everyone else and she intentionally gave the world the opposite

What made you pick the songs in the Mashup? Which era of Gaga do you most relate to?

I based my song selections off of the nostalgia of eras I felt most connected to. In addition, I wanted to create a mashup people can dance to. Something dripping with energy which I relate to her earlier releases such as The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, and Artpop. As an LGBTQ+ late bloomer, I felt empowered by the anthems I chose to include because they reminded me of my earlier college years when I struggled with my sexuality. My favourite Gaga era was Born This Way. I think she threw caution to the wind and created such a sonic/visual paradox. It was a product so specific to its time period but simultaneously, transcendent and revolutionary. Gaga was/remains a huge pioneer and guiding force for the gay community. In a world which is so often dictating how people should look, feel, and define themselves, Gaga is a titan that knocked down every roadblock in pop culture and quite simply said, “you’re beautiful because you were born this way.”

What inspired your look in the video?

Gaga’s alienesque facial protrusions and provocative fashion of the Born This Way era was something that nobody in the pop world dared to approach. Most artists were being packaged like everyone else and she intentionally gave the world the opposite. She was the pop world’s, Marilyn Manson. I wanted to provide that same shock factor while paying homage to her legacy. Makeup By: Vanessa Scarola (Instagram)

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s ever-changing styles?

Gaga’s style evolution is indicative of her ability to adapt, change, and grow. And more importantly stating that it’s okay to do so. She had so boldly presented an image to the world with the wigs, the glam, the fashion, and the visuals. To be able to strip that away and say “ I’m still Lady f*cking Gaga” is admirable

How many people worked on this music video with you?

This production took the time, talent, and sorcery of myself (Director), Josh Argueta (Videographer), the beautiful NYC Arts Cypher (venue), Ashley DeLane Burger (Choreographer/Dancer), and our two Vyxen dancers, Maddie Kendall and Michelle Morris. With some help from my biggest supporter and fan, my sister

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What’s the story of the video?

Unlike most Corvyx covers, there isn’t necessarily a narrative or a through-line for this video in particular. I wanted this to be a tribute honouring the music and visuals Gaga gave to us by paying homage without necessarily “copying”. I think this is a video/production people will easily be able to reference Gaga’s most iconic moments from while also experiencing something completely new/fresh.

Gaga’s style evolution is indicative of her ability to adapt, change, and grow.

Most people wouldn’t expect you to cover a “pop” artist. Are there any artists you’re planning to cover or want to cover that people would be surprised to see?

REALLY? As much as I don’t believe I resemble the general populations’ idea of “pop”, I feel as if my body of work has shown I love the pop world. I have covered a ton of pop artists on my YouTube channel but I love to throw people for a loop and show them that music is a kaleidoscope. It’s fragmented and some pieces can be broken down, dissected, and looked upon completely differently from another angle while still being that same image. Gaga has done the same thing. We’ll have to wait and see what 2019 has in store…

How would you feel if Lady Gaga sees and reacts to the song/video?

I’d be honoured. But I’d be more curious to see how she would feel watching it. She is one of the greats and I hope she’d feel the unadulterated respect and admiration I put into making this one.

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What does the future hold for Corvyx?

I want to keep you around so you’ll just have to wait and see…

Corvyx’s other music videos can be found on his YouTube channel here, and you can follow his Twitter here, and Instagram here. You can also check out his Patreon here.

Music video images courtesy of Josh Argueta… Instagram

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