Day: 14 May 2014

  • TODAY IN GAY: Mäedchen In Uniform

    TODAY IN GAY: Mäedchen In Uniform

    The first feature film with an openly pro-lesbian storyline debuts at The Capitol Cinema in Berlin. According to Wikipedia:The film had some impact in the Berlin lesbian clubs, but was largely eclipsed by the ongoing cult success of Der blaue Engel (1930). The film did however generate large amounts of fan-mail to the stars from […]

  • OPINION | Rise Like A Mockingjay

    Has Austria given the world a new symbol of hope? Like, I don’t know, Katniss Everdeen? I too felt like raising my three middle fingers in support of Conchita Wurst. Like most of the world, I am sure you were in awe at Austria’s entry of the Eurovision Song Contest. It sent shivers as well […]

  • Gay Penguins Become Best Fathers At Zoo

    In a Wildlife park in Kent two male penguins have become surrogate fathers. Two male Humboldt Penguins called Kermit and Jumbs at Wingham Wildlife Park have been made surrogate parents for an egg, which has just hatched. The egg was abandoned by the mother. Head of birds and mammals at the park Becky Johnson explained: […]

  • OPINION | Meet The Next Generation Of The BNP

    It’s scary, very scary, what happens when you get a bunch of 13-18 year olds and fill their heads with British National Party rubbish. We want, we want, we want, never gets – didn’t your mother tell you? I’m sitting here, not sure whether to laugh or to shudder in fear – as the British […]

  • We Want To Work With Dustin Lance Black

    This guy ooozes style and panache. (we love that word)