Day: 23 November 2014

  • COMMENT | Are We Born Gay Or Is it A Choice?

    Are We Born Gay Or Is It A Choice? If It Is A Choice, Isn’t That Ok? It’s an age-old question that has been asked time and time again; is being gay a case of nature of nurture? Are we really born this way or do we choose to be gay? My personal belief is […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Hollywood To Dollywood

    ★★★★ | Hollywood To Dollywood One of the very first things you learn from this enchanting wee documentary is that when you are growing up gay in a Southern Baptist family in a small North Carolina town you worship both God and Dolly Parton in equal measure. Handsome identical twins Gary and Larry Lane, now […]

  • Interview | Dolly Parton: Welcome To Dollywood

    Rarely does an artist evoke a reaction like the one Dolly receives. I told a number of people I was going to interview Dolly and young and old alike knew exactly who I was talking about. You see she’s an artist who transcends demographics, she’s loved by all and sundry. This is fact. Having recently […]

  • Interview | Jonathan Lemieux: Dollar Survivalist

    Writer Chris Jones first came across this artist on Facebook, he was a friend of a friend on there and the posts sparked his curiosity. This guy survived on what we’d call pound store food and lived to write a best selling book on the subject – being a starving artist suddenly takes on a […]