Day: 18 July 2016

  • FILM REVIEW | Nice Guys

    THE NICE GUYS – Bad cop, meaner sidekick in 70s set LA based film noir mystery thriller … and boy is it funny. Nutshell – Ryan Gosling’s ex-cop bumps into Russell Crowe’s hard case alcoholic hard nut investigator in a buddy movie where they simply hate each other. There is a dead porn star called […]

  • CAR REVIEW | Jeep Cherokee M-Jet 11 Limited

    WOW. That’s how I will start the review for the new Jeep Cherokee. It has a lot of visual impact. There are shapes within shapes and then there are questionable things you point at. Then you wonder where the headlights are? They are not quite in the place you would expect them to be. They […]

  • Catholic Church in Scotland speaks in support of tackling homophobia in schools

    The Scottish Catholic Church has indicated that they are keen to tackle homophobia in schools. The Catholic Church in Scotland have spoken in support of dealing with homophobia in the classroom according to campaign group Time For Inclusive Education (TIE). TIE have been campaigning to introduce teacher training in Scottish classrooms to deal with and […]

  • FBI find no evidence that Orlando massacre was a hate crime

    FBI find no evidence that Orlando massacre was a hate crime

    The FBI has said that it has found no evidence that the gun attack in Florida that killed 49 people in a gay club was a hate crime. Embed from Getty Images   Investigators in Orlando, Florida, have said that they’ve not found any evidence that the gun attack that left 49 dead and 53 […]