Day: 9 June 2017

  • FILM REVIEW | Berlin Syndrome

    ★★★★ | Berlin Syndrome A young Australian woman visiting Berlin meets who she thinks is a perfect man but then he turns out to be too good to be true. In the new movie Berlin Syndrome, Is it a game or is it a nightmare? When Clare (Teresa Palmer) meets Andi (Max Riernelt) by chance […]

  • INTERVIEW | Pravesh Kumar – Placing British Asian Drag in the Centre of the Stage.

    Kinky Boots, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and La Cage Aux Folles. There are plenty of shows out there which involve men dressing as women, but there is only one show out there that looks at the subject from a British Asian perspective; “Miss Meena and the Masala Queens”. Looking at the challenges loves, lives […]

  • A petition has already formed over a Conservative and DUP coalition

    A petition stating no confidence has already gone live over a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP. A petition of no confidence has emerged over a coalition of the Conservatives and the DUP. The Conservatives have failed to achieve an overall majority in the General Election, securing 318 seats. A party needs 326 seats […]

  • Theresa May to make a deal with one of most homophobic political parties in the UK

    Theresa May looks set to make a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) who have consistently voted against LGBT+ equality. ARLENE FOSTER: the DUP leader. The DUP have earned themselves a reputation for being homophobic after voting against same-sex marriage four times. The Conservatives have failed to achieve an overall majority in the General Election, […]

  • What The 2017 General Election Result Could Mean For The LGBT Community

    What. A. Night. Defying all expectations, Jeremy Corbyn increased the number of Labour seats in the House of Commons as Prime Minister Theresa May lost her majority, leading to a hung parliament and casting doubt on Mrs May’s future as the Conservative Party leader. Right now she looks like she’s hanging on by the skin […]