We Are Gay UK

Day: 3 August 2017


Who is John B. McLemore?

John B. McLemore was the subject of the hit S-Town podcast. Here’s what we know about him. Warning, this article contains spoilers if you have not yet heard the podcast. It took Brian Reed, the podcast’s creator, three years to […]

Is it time to dump the term LGBT?

Is it time to dump the term LGBT?

A University in the UK has made the suggestion that it might be time to dump the term “LGBT Community”. A study by the Sheffield Hallam University has found that the acronym used by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community […]


Durex Feel

Durex is one of the most respected brands for safer sex in the world. The Durex Play range, which includes the feel, tingling, warming, cherry and strawberry adds a little fun into your bedroom session. This water-based lube is condom-friendly […]