Day: 30 October 2017

  • COMMENT | The little cheaty secret the supermarkets don’t want you to know

    I have a lot of pet hates, as you will be aware if you ever get to know me or mistakenly read more than one of the items I write. I may even by now have made your list of pet hates. Just been to the local supermarket. It’s perched on a plot of land […]

  • Colton Haynes got married and the wedding photos are everything

    Colton Haynes just got married “Cyring happy tears” is the way that American Horror Story actor, Colton Haynes is describing his emotions are marrying his boyfriend, Jeff Leatham. It’s been a busy old time for Colton, who came out, revealed his boyfriend, announced his engagement and got married all in the space of a year […]

  • Kevin Spacey comes out following historic ‘sexual advance’ allegation

    The Hollywood actor, Kevin Spacey has come out as gay in a social media post, following on from allegations of historic ‘sexual advances’ on a teenage actor. House Of Cards actor Kevin Spacey has come out following allegations from Star Trek Discovery actor, Anthony Rapp that the actor made “sexual advances” towards him when he […]

  • COMMENT | Utter Trash: Lord Tebbit, Pollution does not create transgender people

    Former chairman of the Conservative party Lord Tebbit has claimed air pollution is making people transgender. Probably the most offensive and mind-boggling suggestion I have heard in my whole life. Personally, I think air pollution is polluting this narrow-minded man’s brain and causing him to make completely ludicrous claims. He also claimed that transgender people […]

  • HEADPHONE REVIEW | Noise Cancelling Lindy NC60

    HEADPHONE REVIEW | Noise Cancelling Lindy NC60 Introduction Noise cancelling headphones have become increasingly popular in recent years, as we look to envelop ourselves in our own world, cutting out the distraction of the world around us. It’s especially beneficial in open plan offices, packed tubes, homes near busy roads and well, maybe even a snoring partner. […]