Day: 9 April 2018

  • BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Anal Fissures

    BIG GAY GLOSSARY | Anal Fissures

    What is an anal fissure? Anal fissures are caused by trauma or injury to the anal canal. This can be through trying to pass large poops or particularly vigorous anal sex. The fissure can cause bleeds, especially when you poop. It’s very uncomfortable. Fissures can usually heal on their own, however, if a fissure lasts […]

  • Three years after its closure, The Black Cap still stands empty, unused

    It’s “an insult to the people of Camden and the LGBTQ+ community” Three years after one of the UK’s longest standing gay pubs, The Black Cap stands empty, still boarded up and unused. For over 60 years members of the LGBT+ community called the beautiful and historic building in Candem their safe space, that was […]

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW | Ember Yard, Soho London

    Ember Yard is a lovely two-story restaurant and bar, with an open plan kitchen and a cosy bar on the lower ground floor. It’s a cool place for dinner, drinks, tapas or whatever you fancy, all in all, it’s a great place to be.

  • Is using anal botox safe? Why do people botox their anuses?

    Have you ever heard of anal botox? It’s a thing and for the brave who undertake this procedure can expect results which make their buttholes look years younger than they actually are, by helping the muscles relax, but come on, who really who wants loosening up down there? So what does Anal Botox do? Just […]