5 totally gay things you’ll love about Malta

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Have you ever been? Malta is a little paradise off the coast of Italy, just three hours flight from the UK. It’s full of culture and interesting nooks and crannies fill every town. There are crystal waters to gaze upon to while away your stresses and we really want to go there right now. Oh and it’s so gay… (friendly)

Our travel writer, Ray Si helped lay it all as to why Malta is one of the world’s most LGBT+ friendly countries in the world today.

It ranks high


It is a little-known fact that Malta ranks as the leading country, before even The UK and Belgium, regarding how the laws and policies of the country positively impact on the lives of LGBT+ people.

Discrimination protections


Discrimination regarding sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in Malta has been banned nationwide since 2004.

Constitutionally equal


Malta is one of the few countries in the world to have made LGBT+ rights equal at a constitutional level.

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No converts


In 2016, Malta became the first country in the European Union to ban conversion therapy.

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But not many LGBT+ venues

Malta Pride 2018

Despite being a liberal country, Malta is extremely limited when it comes to exclusive gay venues.

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