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Lately, there’s been a boom in music from LGBT artists and as acceptance of gay people grows and grows worldwide we look to see who are the names you need to be looking out for in 2017.

gay artists you need to hear in 2017
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Kenny Rials

Broadway star (yes he starred in Hedwig And The Angry Inch) turned recording artist, Louisiana native, turned full-on Brit, Kenny Rials (photo above) has a brand new album out called Second Chances,  which is a follow-up to his debut EP, Time Doesn’t Stand Still, which featured the club smash “Not Yet, Someday”. Kenny is a strong advocate for anti-bullying and his latest album contains the self-penned anti-bullying anthem, “It Never Rains Forever”. Speaking about his experience with bullying the star revealed, “I kept my head down and tried to be invisible. In my lyrics, I ask those still being tormented to please hold on, it will be our time to shine soon”. He’ll be touring the UK and USA in 2017 check out date and more info at his website.


Adam Lambert

Adam released a brand new song “Welcome To The Show” in July which amassed over 8 million streams on Spotify and nearly 2 million views on YouTube. Well, it hints that perhaps there will be a new album for 2017. His last album The Original High was released in 2015 so it’s about time there was a new one.

Sam Smith

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Surprisingly Sam Smith, despite his huge worldwide success, has actually only released one album and okay it is a whopper having shipped over 6.5 million units, but that was in 2014. So will Sam be releasing new music in 2017? The star revealed that he was going deeper than ever for the next one, saying, “Every day I’m having little epiphanies and changes and loving it. But all I can say is that I’m putting my heart even more out on the (expletive) line. I’m going even deeper. I can’t believe I’m even doing it, but I’m going even deeper.”

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Steve Grand

Steve Grand
CREDIT: Steve Grand / Instagram

Steve Grand is as famous for his shirtless crowdfunding of albums as he is for his actual music. His last album All American Boy was in 2015 so 2017 could be the year for new music from the star, which he hinted at could be on the way soon with the release of a duet, “Look Away” released in March. Bring it on Stevie.

Joe McElderry

Credit Mark Yeoman

Joe’s recorded music career has been quiet of late, having not released anything since 2012’s Here’s What I Believe which reached number 8 in the UK. Joe will be back on the road with Joseph And The Technicolour Dreamcoat in January. There are dates planned for Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

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Danyl Johnson


Danyl has been working on some new music and you should expect more music in 2017. Speaking to THEGAYUK earlier in the year Danyl revealed since his time on the X Factor that he had travelled to Nashville, USA, to work on material with some great, talented songwriters.

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About the author: Kenny Rials
Kenny is originally a southern boy from Louisiana, but moved to New York city after graduating from university. He enrolled at the prestigious School for Film & Television and surrounding himself with musicians, actors, artist, and performers to learn and absorb as much as possible. He performed in Broadway / Off Broadway productions and even played the letter "T" on Sesame Street. Although he loved being part of and ensemble, he longed to sing and perform his own music. He was given the chance after moving to London and began working with a music producer that heard him sing at an open mic night.