Why does my boyfriend’s penis smell so much?

So if you like peen – and we’re assuming you do – what happens if your boyfriend has a stinky pinky what can you do about it?

Why does my boyfriend's penis smell so much?


Well one concerned Reddit user asked the internet what could be done about the boyfriend’s stinky junk. The internet was well versed on this problem and wisdom leaked from every pore. Here’s 9 thing you could do…

1) He needs to do more than just wash while showering.

“The cause of the odor is in the skin so just washing off the goop isn’t going to completely eliminate the smell. He has to keep himself clean enough so that it doesn’t build up in the first place.”


2) Proper cleaning.

“Foreskin should be pulled back completely. He should rinse every part of the glans with his fingers and water. Rub away the smegma/residue.” salem2474


3) Stop using soap

“This part will be controversial, but….I stopped using soap. Like, nowhere on my body. And my odour improved. Other people who have tried no soap have reported the same thing.” salem2474


4) Sugar monster

Could sugar be your problem?

“I neglected to add diet. I mostly cut out sugar. I’ve noticed if I ever go on a binge, there will be a temporary increase in odour/smegma just afterwards.”



5) Get hard in the shower

“I also know how easy it is to fix. tell him he needs to get hard in the shower, and once his forskin [sic] is stretching back, rub it with his fingers, he’ll be able to see how much white film is caked there (You really cant clean it soft) sugarantssuck


6) Are you able to retract?

“Is it difficult for you to pull back when soft? That could actually indicate something like phimosis. You’re supposed to be able to fully retract it while soft.”


7) Save water and co-shower

How to clean your penis from nasty smells


“Make it sexy by co-showering pre-sexy time.” IamtheBiscuit


8) Rubber duckie

“Rather than showers, take a long warm bath with lots of water and add some baking soda to the water.”Not_Reddit


9) Dry it off

“drying it properly also as a wet willy is perfect for bacteria to grow in under foreskin”judochop1





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