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No matter where you are in the UK you're sure to be close to a transgender pride.

Specific transgender pride events are on the rise in the UK for our transgender siblings to show off their pride and be centred within their own events.

Here are the top six transgender pride you have to know about that are happening in 2022 right here in the UK.

Less than a decade ago there was no specific transgender pride events in the UK, now in 2022, there are over half a dozen, from Northern Ireland to Brighton. Our partner site, The Pride Shop has been keeping track of transgender prides in the UK.


Here are some of the transgender prides that are happening in July and beyond.

Where are the biggest trans pride events in the UK?

First on the list is Brighton’s Trans Pride which takes place on the 16th of July 2022, this is probably the most famous of the transgender prides in the UK and one of the longest-running. Brighton’s transgender pride has been running since 2013. It is a grass-roots, community-led organisation staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers

From one of the oldest events to one of the newest, Cornwall Pride in Newquay this year was dedicated to transgender people. It took place on the 14th of May 2022.

When is trans pride in the UK
Trans prides happen all across the UK. They usually take place between March and July.

Trans Pride London is set to take place this year on the 9th of July, a week after Pride In London.

Trans Pride Southwest is an annual event which takes place in Bristol. Places are still being put together for its 2022 event. Its first event took place in 2019. During the pandemic, it ran a number of online and limited in-person events.

If you live in Northern Ireland you’ll be happy to know that there is usually Trans Pride in Belfast, however, a date is yet to be announced. Its first pride was marched in 2018. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the last two events had to be cancelled. it is hoped that an event will take place in 2022.


There is a transgender pride in Scotland, however, it’s already had its march. In May a pride event took place in Paisley. Each year the Pride takes place in a different city in Scotland, in 2018 it was in Edinburgh, in 2019 it was in Dundee.

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So why does Trans Pride exist in the UK?

As Brighton’s trans pride puts it, “Our aim is to inspire all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people to help make a real difference by celebrating trans lives and gender diversity. We aim to educate and eliminate discrimination by promoting equality and diversity through visibility, while also celebrating our unique history,”

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