best gay chat sites

If you’re looking for a community of gay and bisexual men in the UK there are many forums, chat sites and apps to choose from each offering different types of experience and communities. Whether you’re looking for dates, mates or fetes here are some of our favourites.

best gay chat sites
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Okay, we’re blowing our own trumpet here, but THEGAYUK’s community is an entirely different concept adding content and members together. So as stories are developing on the site and around the globe, we invite our users to get involved with the story and add their voices. There are forums, private messages, user photo galleries. It’s a relatively new service, so membership is building. It’s free to join and use. What’s more, we use our community to help shape our content. So if you have opinions that you want to get heard then you should join us!


Fitladz is one of our favourite haunts. It’s bitchy, fast moving and has a real community feel to it. There’s usually between 600 and 1500 guys on at any point and has a fantastic forum system, with people bringing up all manner of subjects for the community to discuss. Basic membership is free and there is an option to upgrade.


If fitness and the gym is more your scene is the place for you to hang in, although the membership tends to be US skewed, there are lots of Brits in the membership. Registration is free and will give you access to thousands of forums and millions (yes millions of posts). Apparently, they have nearly 400,000 members so as they say variety is the spice of life. The interface is simple looking and perhaps a little dated.


Who could forget the daddy of gay chat, Gaydar? The site has been through a major redesign and overhaul. It has a very clean interface and the old chat rooms are still intact but do seem a little quieter than when Gaydar was the only – or the major player in town. It’s clean and well laid out. There isn’t a guy aged over 35 who probably didn’t have a Gaydar account at some point! Maybe it’s time to dust off the old log in and get back on.


It took an age to join onlylads – because the activation code took forever to arrive in my inbox, although the site does allow for Facebook login, not everyone will want to use their other social media accounts to log in. The site claims to have over 100,000 profiles and come from all over the world. There’s no forum or chat room – but it does allow you to message individual members. It’s very clean looking and the interface is unfussy and user-friendly. has been around since 1999 and offers a lot of good and interesting gay and bi lifestyle content, however, its chat service has a lot of work needed to make it stand up against its rivals. It runs on Javascript or flash – which not every browser or user wants or has turned on. There doesn’t look to be a place where you can log in and create a profile. It’s all a bit anonymous to be a good social site for users. Great for lifestyle content not so great for social.


Caffmos is one of the most established social networks and its speciality is older guys, after all, it does stand for Contacts And Friendship For Men Over Sixty. The creators at Caffmos say that “friendship matters” and it’s been designed in a way to help the flow of conversations. It also offers verified photos – brilliant to ensure that the person is who they say they are. It also has an intelligent way of matching you to like-minded people by asking you to fill out three of your interests. It’s all quite old school but we love it.

Rude and lewd and if you like that, then Squirt is the place for you. You get 10 days for free and you can see a lot of guys in your ten days. The idea of this site is to hook up, cruise online and generally get your rocks off, it’s more like the dating app experience, but for your desktop and mobile.




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