Acceptance of gay relationships declines in the UK

The UK’s acceptance of same-sex relationships has decreased slightly year on year, with experts suggesting that tolerance has “plateaued”.


According to new research by the British Social Attitudes survey (BSA) the acceptance of gay relationships amongst the population of the UK has stalled and even slightly declinced over previous findings.

Previously, 68% of people thought that same-sex relationships were acceptable, however the latest findings have seen a slight decreased to 66 per cent, suggesting that 34% of people in the UK do not think that homosexual relationships are acceptable.

A point of plateau


The BSA survey, which has been conducted since 1980, warned that the country has “reached a point of plateau” according to a spokesperson for the organisation.

Some 66% of those polled in 2018 said same-sex relations were “not wrong at all”, down from 68% the previous year.


The survey covers a wide variety of societial questions, covering many subjects. Of the nearly 3,000 people polled, 74% said sex before marriage were “not wrong at all”, down from 75%  over the previous years, revealing that perhaps the UK is becoming a little more conservative on issues of sexuality.

Leading LGBT+ rights activist, Peter Tatchell, called the findings, “concerning”, saying that there had been no “significant increase in support recorded over the past few years”.



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