8 years ago… Piers… Genderfluidity is not new.

So another week another outrage about gender fluidity from Piers Morgan… It happens a lot on twitter.

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Well, our favourite American Idol legend, Adam Lambert reminded us that he was going gender fluid waayyyy before Piers was getting his knickers in a twist about it.

Taking to Instagram, Adam shared two covers from his first ever album, For Your Entertainment, saying, “I was feelin my gender fluid (and fully photoshopped) glam rock fantasy.”

The album, Adam’s first, was released 8 years ago.

Giving some insight about his first release, Adam revealed that many retailers were actually “uncomfortable” with the initial cover and the record label cowed to them, providing a second image for the cover.

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He said, “The powers that be released a second cover for retailers who felt ‘uncomfortable’ w the original. (Even though I was still fully painted) Hahha seems so funny now…. but just 8 yrs ago it was a much different climate.”

We’re not so sure Adam… that the climate is that different, judging by comments by Piers.

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