A passenger on one of Australia’s biggest budget airlines Jetstar was ‘utterly disgusted’ when he found his baggage had stickers attached which read ‘I Am Gay’

Taking to twitter @aaronpp wrote: “Utterly disgusted to find my luggage front and center on the @JetstarAirways luggage carousel looking like this,” he wrote.

Writing on his blog, http://onesleepydad.blogspot.com.au he continued:

‘Yesterday I tweeted a photo of my luggage after a Jetstar flight from Perth and it has caused quite the stir on social media.

‘I would like to point out that Jetstar has contacted me and offered a very sincere apology. For which I am grateful.

‘They are also conducting a “serious” investigation that I am assisting them with. Their PR machine is making all the right noises and saying all the right things. I have set no expectations of Jetstar with regards to their procedures or outcomes.’

THEGAYUK reached out to Jetstar, but no one was immediately available to comment on this story.