So, we took a look into the analytics vault of THEGAYUK to discover what our readers Googled for on TGUK last week – here’s a few of our favourites:

top 10 things to say during gay sex
Firstly does one need to say anything during sex? Secondly, 10 things to say whilst having sex? Seriously? You’re making whoopie not collecting an award for best climax.

what former teen queen turned to ebay to help clean out her closets in summer 2006
We have no idea who or what you’re talking about dear… Odd what search requests can bring you to the pages of THEGAYUK… Teen (check) Queen (check) Closets (check) Ta da!


x factor sam callahan coming out the water
Just like Daniel Craig or a more masculine Ursula Andress – We also love watching the video of X Factor‘s Sam Callahan coming out of the water butt naked.

anal and lesbian
Now these aren’t usually two words you’d put together – but hey on TGUK anyone goes… However, it did link to one of our most popular posts from last week, in which writer Daniel Browne asked: Are Lesbians More Accepted Than Gay Men?

is Harvey milk an icon in the gay community
Dear person, please remove yourself from under the rock from which you have been holed away. Yes. Yes he is.
Check out our little homage to the great man.

shop dildos for gay sex

matt demon white speedo
Despite the fact you spelt Damon wrong, we’ll forgive you – for the pictures of Matt Damon are quite spectacular. So good we’ve posted them again! Did you know Behind The Candelabra is out today!

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