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So if you were wondering whether AJ Pritchard, who is currently starring in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is gay, then his girlfriend has a message for you.

Speaking to The Sun, Abbie Quinnen said that although AJ doesn’t like to put labels on sexuality, she 100% believes that he’s not gay.

She said, “I am 100% positive that AJ is not gay,” she said. “But he doesn’t like to put labels on anything. He has said: ‘Love is love’, because he really does believe that ‘love is love’ and it doesn’t matter who you love, whether that be a girl or a boy.”

But totally gay friendly

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Abbie continued: “We have so many friends who are gay and we literally support them so much. I support anyone who has a boyfriend and is a boy, and anyone who has a girlfriend and is a girl. I am absolutely all for it.”

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No labels for AJ Pritchard

Last year, the professional dancer spoke of how it was important in “following your heart” and not wanting to “label” his sexuality.

Is AJ Pritchard Gay

The 26-year-old said, “It is always about being happy and being true to yourself. It is mad that everything always has to have a label, whether it be the clothes by designers or whether you are in a relationship.”

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