“Just because I’ve smoked doesn’t make me a smoker…” are the remarks from Alex Reid after claims about his sex life make people question his sexuality.

Katie Price revealed graphic details about her ex-husband’s sexual preferences in a conversation which has left the ex-pro fighter “disappointed.”

When Katie Price was asked by Michelle Visage whether Reid “liked it up the arse”, Price responded by saying she “could not put enough up there”.

“A lot of straight men like to have the pinkie up there, but Alex wanted it all,” she added.

When Michelle questioned further, asking “Did he ever ask you to strap it on?”, Price continued: “I’ve done it all. Of course, I did. That’s what I’m saying, that’s why I divorced.”
Responding to the revelations, Reid told MailOnline: “I’m disappointed Katie would bring up private information.”

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Asked whether he was bisexual, the former cage fighter said: “I… no… I don’t smoke but I have tried a cigarette. Experimentation is not orientation… I like women.”

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He added: “That was a long long time ago when I was experimenting to find out what I was all about. Clearly I like women, I want to be with a woman.

”I’m obsessed with women. I’m brave enough to say that.”

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