Perez: Katie Hopkins Is What I Used To Be

Perez critcises Katie Hopkins by saying she is now what he used to be, are we seeing a Perez 2.0?

During a task, in which the housemates have to debate, Big Brother asks: “Does anyone in the House take themselves too seriously”? RuPaul Drag Race judge Michelle Visage says that they take things too personally but not seriously. Katie Hopkins says that she won’t talk to Perez unless she’s told to by Big Brother. Perez asks if that is a threat or a promise and that her bullying will not hurt him and remarks that Katie Hopkins said that he has back fat.

Katie Hopkins says that he does have back fat and that you can see it as he is always wearing spandex. Nadia comments that Katie’s mentioning of people’s physical attributes weakens her argument. Perez finishes by saying to the group about Katie Hopkins: “She’s what I used to be.”


Katie Hopkins is famed for her ‘tell it like it is’ persona, which has left her open to criticism. She was slammed last year when she used fat jibes against Gemma Collins, when the TOWIE star entered the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Jungle.

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