80’s Crooner Alexander O’Neal, as well as Chloe Goodman, are up for the chop from Celebrity Big Brother this Friday, after gay icon wannabe Katie Hopkins decides that the pair are boring.

The self-proclaimed biggest selling R&B artist of 80’s Alexander O’Neal is to face eviction this Friday after Katie Hopkins branded him and fellow housemate Chloe Goodman as the most boring housemates to enter the Big Brother house in yesterday’s launch show. Katie Hopkins was given a secret task in which she had to blast the celebrities as they entered the house and then decide which two celebs were the most boring.

As Katie entered the house she was summoned by the Enchanted Mirror to give a “brutally honest opinions” of her fellow celebrities in 140 characters or less, before being locked away in a secret room.

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Katie, who is famous for her honesty was given the most unpopular welcome ever received by an incoming celebrity, she showed no emotion on her reception. She did however show of her brand new figure and slim lined figure after she piled on four stone. Katie recently came under heavy criticism after cyber bullying Gemma Collins for being fat.