In a defiant move, PinkNews has re-published a picture that depicts a controversial cartoon showing murdered editor Stephane Charbonnier French kissing a Muslim man.

Yesterday, (7th January) Paris was rocked to its core when up to three masked men stormed the Charlie Hebdo offices and murdered 8 staff members, including the editor Stephane Charbonnier. Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine that has in the past published pictures that have been considered offensive to some Muslims.

Twelve people have now known to have died from the shootings, including two police officers, a caretaker and guest at magazine’s offices. The majority of those killed were staff members who were in their morning editorial meeting. Four of the staff were cartoonists for the magazine, which has been running since 1970.


Despite the massacre, the publishers at Charlie Hebdo have announced that they will go ahead and publish next week’s issue.

The magazine has previously been targeted with a firebomb attack in 2011 and cyber terrorism for its editorial decision in showing content considered to be controversial.

In defiance, PinkNews said that it was proud to republish a controversial picture which showed the late editor kissing a Muslim man, in an article which shows powerful cartoon responses to the terror attack in Paris. The wording above the picture state: “Love Is Stronger Than Hate.”


A PinkNews spokesperson said,

“The PinkNews editorial team decided to repost the cartoon simply to send the message that love is stronger than hate. This applies to all forms of prejudice, including homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and to any extremism against the West.

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“In the end it is positivity and love which will always trump evil and hate.”

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