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What is All Of Strangers about?

In the midst of contemporary London, Adam (played by Andrew Scott) experiences a serendipitous meeting with his enigmatic neighbour, Harry (portrayed by Paul Mescal), one night in his sparsely populated tower block. This encounter disrupts Adam’s usual routine, leading to the blossoming of a relationship between them. However, Adam becomes consumed by memories of the past, prompting him to revisit the suburban town of his upbringing and his childhood home. There, he is confronted with a perplexing discovery: his parents (depicted by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) seem to be frozen in time, inhabiting their lives exactly as they were thirty years earlier, on the day of their tragic demise.

THEGAYUK Rating: ★★★★★

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  • Andrew Scott
  • Paul Mescal
  • Carter John Grout
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