Amanda Lepore and Willam Belli Star In Gay Selfie Video

22nd June 2014 0 By News Desk

World gay community icons Amanda Lepore and Willam Belli arrived to Israel as a part of their cooperation with the global gay social network Moovz, for taking part in the TLV Pride video clip and the Moovz “Gay Selfie” project

The official Moovz video for TLV pride, which was just released in honor of the Tel-Aviv Pride Parade, presents Willam Belli chasing one of Amanda Lepore’s guys all over the city of Tel-Aviv, to a remix of the song “Tel-Aviv Ya Chabibi” by Doron Madali.

Amanda Lepore is probably the world famous transgender, a fashion and night life icon and a model that have presented MAC cosmetics, Swatch and others, and also known as “the most expensive body in the world”. Lepore arrived to Israel yesterday along with the top drag queen Willam Belli, a part of the DWV drag band, that also starred in the famous TV show Nip/Tack and the USA reality show “Rupaul’s Drag Race”, and is known for her latest hits “Chow Down” and “Boy is a Bottom”.

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Lepore and Belli participated in a special VIP cocktail that was hosted by Moovz in the Indigo boutique hotel, along with the leading icons of the gay community in Israel, local drag queens, night life personalities and the Israeli media. Willam Belli will also perform on the main stage of the TLV Pride event.