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  • INTERVIEW | Amanda Lepore: Always have the highest heels in the room

    Icons draw attention, but none quite like Amanda Lepore. Her blonde hair and highly accentuated form are the stuff of legends. There are no double takes when Lepore walks into the room. Just one look and instantly you’ll recognise that you’re with a commanding presence and a persona that demands that all eyes follow. In […]

  • Amanda Lepore and Willam Belli Star In Gay Selfie Video

    World gay community icons Amanda Lepore and Willam Belli arrived to Israel as a part of their cooperation with the global gay social network Moovz, for taking part in the TLV Pride video clip and the Moovz “Gay Selfie” project The official Moovz video for TLV pride, which was just released in honor of the […]

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