Amazon has stripped back the price of many of its amazing Fire products including the Fire Stick and Echo Dot for its Spring Sale.

Amazon has stripped back the price of many of its amazing Alexa products including the Fire Stick and Echo Dot for Black Friday 2019.


Amazon has slashed the price of quite a few of its Echo devices and Amazon Fire TV Stick meaning you can now get an Echo Dot for £22.00 (the cheapest we’ve ever seen it), usually priced at £49.99 while you can get an Echo Show for just £49.999 down from £79.99.

You could even get the Echo Smart speaker in Charcoal Fabric for just £59.99 and that includes delievery.

All of these deals are featured on the Amazon website thanks to this year’s Black Friday event, which Amazon has stretched out to an entire wekk.

By ordering a Fire TV Stick and signing up to Prime, you’ll be able to access thousands of films and TV shows, including the huge array of LGBT+ films and TV shows Amazon Prime currently offers.

The Echo devices are Amazon’s popular voice-controlled speakers or TV screens, with improved sound and audio detection over the previous versions of the device. They allow you to stream music, tv shows and even call, for free, anyone else with another Echo device. 

You can even use the clever Echo system to turn on and off lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, find TV shows, and more with compatible connected devices

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