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This guy is using Grindr to get you to vote

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A Grindr guy has found one of the most engaging ways to get people to register to vote in this forthcoming General Election, before the registration deadline on the 26th November.

As the election in the UK looms ever closer, people of all political persuasions are imploring people to register to vote and one guy has taken to Grindr to get that message out there.

It may seem a little one-to-one, but hey, every registration counts if the country is to have a meaningful voter turn out on December 12th.


Writer and LGBT+ rights activist, Tom Knight, has it seems, stumbled upon the perfect way to get a hookup and someone to register to vote at the same time. Win-Win.

He’s using Grindr to spread the message that it’s important to register to vote before the cut off on the 26th November 2019.

Want a drink? Get registered

In a recent exchange on the hookup app, he questioned a potential hookup whether he had “registered to vote”. When the potential beau answered in the negative, Tom simply replied, “come back to me when you are”.

When asked if he was “serious” Tom simply answered “Yep”

Speaking to THEGAYUK.com, Tom told us, “anything that can engage others is a good thing.”

Are you registered yet? If not, visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote before the 26th November 2019.


Are you decided?

In a recent flash poll on Twitter by THEGAYUK, 62 per cent of those who took part said that they had decided on who they’d vote for, while 38% said they had yet to decide on which political party they’d vote for.

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