THEGAYUK has managed to pinpoint the loneliest or in fact the horniest day of 2016.

which was the horniest day in 2016
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Thanks to our analytics we’ve managed to pinpoint the day which we received the most traffic for guys looking to download new dating apps.

So which day was it?


Sunday the 16th October was apparently the horniest or loneliest day of 2016 (depending on how you look at it) with scores of people looking for new dating apps to try out.

Most people landed on our gay dating app review page at 9 AM (9.73%) in the morning followed by another search surge at 6 PM (7.9%).

Interestingly every Sunday sees a surge for dating app reviews or news. Searches for our gay app review page peaked in the Summer (June) but the lowest search was the first week of April.


THEGAYUK’s editor Jake Hook said,

“It’s clear that app dating is here to stay for a while longer yet. We saw a brief dip in online searches during November, but by December searches had climbed another 6 percent.

“People are obviously searching for love on the internet and we’ve found that early Sunday mornings and again in the evening are key times to search for and create new accounts on dating apps.”

Since the article went live in February, the growth of the page has soared by 22 per cent, showing online dating is here to stay for the forseeable. Don’t forget you can sign up to our very own free gay chat page and start chatting with guys across the UK.

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