Lord Michael Cashman has spoken out about the decision to give an MP a Knighthood and placed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in his sights.


Taking to Twitter, Lord Cashman blasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on New Year’s Eve, over his nomination of an MP for a New Year’s honour. The MP in question has voted against LGBT equality at almost every vote.

Tweeting directly to Jeremy, the Lord and former actor, asked,

“Why @jeremycorbyn have you given knighthood to Lab MP who voted against repealing Section 28, against gay adoption & against equal marriage?”


The MP in question is David Crausby who is the Labour MP for Bolton North East. The MP has an abysmal voting record on matters involving gay rights. He has voted against equalities for gay people numerous times including laws pertaining to adoption, marriage and Section 28. He did vote to allow Civil Partnerships in 2004 and for the age of consent to be aligned with heterosexual partnerships in 1998.

He has been the MP for Bolton North East since the 1997 election.

When asked by social media users why Lord Cashman was blaming Jeremy Corbyn he answered that recommendations for Knighthoods came “from the leader’s office, signed off by the leader.”


After his Tweet Lord Cashman was accused of “weaponising LGBT+ issues” by one social media user who suggested that he was having a ” factional dig” at Corbyn.

The former EastEnder’s actor replied,

“Give me a break! Weaponising! Holding one’s party leader accountable for giving someone with an appalling LGBT voting record a knighthood.”



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