The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel does not believe that gay couples should have the right to marry.

◉ Said that marriage is between a man and woman living together

◉ Chancellor is out of touch with the German people on the issue of same-sex marriage


Angela Merkel revealed her thoughts on same-sex marriage yesterday in an interview posted on YouTube and while she supports LGBT equality, it stops at civil partnerships.

Speaking to YouTuber Florian Mundt, who has over 2.6 million subscribers, Huffington Post reports she said,

“We have come a long way; when I remember, 25 years ago, many people didn’t dare to say that they are gay or lesbian.


“Luckily we overcame this; you can enter a partnership, a civil partnership.

The Chancellor reiterated that she wanted to end discrimination and she wanted equality and was questioned about how she could end discrimination whilst differentiated between straight and gay couple’s rights to marriage.

Merkel replied, “No discrimination,”


“Marriage as a man and a woman living together.”

“For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together. That is my concept, but I support civil partnerships.”


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Statistics show that Merkel is out of touch with the German people on the issue. A survey undertaken in 2013 by RTL Television and Stern magazine revealed that nearly three-quarters of Germans are in favour of same-sex marriage.


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