Apprentice star Sanjay Sood-Smith just got married

Apprentice star Sanjay got married to his husband in a colour celebration of love.

Taking to social media, TV star  Sanjay Sood-Smith, who appeared in season 10 of The Apprentice, revealed that he never thought, growing up, that he’d see the day that he’d be able to marry the man of his dreams.

The pair have been engaged since 2017 when they were holidaying in the South Aegean region in Greece. The couple returned to the idyllic area for their wedding.

He wrote, “This week I got married to my beautiful husband. I feel privileged to have been able to get married when I grew up thinking that I never would be able to.”

He also thanked his place of work, the charity Stonewall, for their part in making same-sex marriage a reality in the UK.

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He then shared two amazing photos from his day, which saw him and his partner were both dressed in traditional light coloured Sherwani attire adorned with matching flower garlands and another where the duo’s wedding guests let off a rainbow paint explosion behind them.


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Stars and supporters were quick to congratulate the couple with Gogglebox‘s Stephen congratulating the pair, while Gaydio’s Emma Goswell, wrote, “Oh wow! Congratulations darling!”.

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