gay saunas in the UK

As with many businesses the UK’s government has said that all non-essential shops and venues open to the public should not be open during the lockdown to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus.

Since the last week of March 2020, many businesses and services that were open to the general public across the UK have been ordered to shut including many shops and venues deemed not essential.

The ruling applies to massage parlours, gyms and other health resorts – so unfortunately if you’re looking for an open gay sauna, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one open – and if you do, it’s most likely operating outside of the Government’s guidelines.

When can we expect gay bars and saunas to reopen?

The Government is expected to review its lockdown policy on the 7th May – and will make decisions about the types of businesses which will be allowed to reopen.

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It’s unlikely however that gyms and health spas will be high on the priority list for the Government to allow opening.

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Bars and clubs are also low on the priority list of business expected to be allowed to open once the UK’s lockdown is eased.

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