An incredible insightful list of negative feelings towards being male has surfaced on Twitter written by a Nine-Year-Old boy.

The list of nine concerns from the nine-year-old, unidentified boy, includes ‘Not Being Able To Be A Mother,’ ‘Suppose To Play Football’ and ‘Boys Smell Bad’.

A teacher in the US, asked students to make a list about what they didn’t like about being their gender.


The crushing list features his worries which include thoughts about his career path and the responsibilities of being a bread winner, and the restrictions are placed on men by society, such as not being allowed to be a cheer leader, to biological restrictions such as being a mother.

His full list was:

– Not being able to be a mother


– Not suppost to cry (sic)

– Not allowed to be a cheerleader

– Suppost to do all the work


– Suppost to like vilence

– Suppost to play football

– Boys smell bad

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– Having a automatic bad reputation

– Grow hair everywhere

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