Everything is momentarily okay with the world. Austin Armacost just shared some really good nakedness.

Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost just shared a rather naked picture and we’re able to breathe again.

Thank goodness.

It’s rather naughty so click here if you wanna see it (NSFW)

The reality star recently revealed in an article with website, guyslikeu that he was date raped in Chicago nearly 10-years-ago. He was so crippled by fear over his sexual health that he was unable to attend the GUM clinic to pick up his STI test results.

He lived in fear for 9 years.

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Austin said,

“As a result of the unwanted assault, I was terrified of sex for years following that experience. It haunted me every day.
“It also contributed a large part to my drug and alcohol abuse in my twenties.”

Austin finally took the test recently and faced his fears. On finding out he was negative he said,

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“I  had lived my life scared of a disease that has been so monumentally stigmatised for so long, yet a five-minute test all those years ago could have helped me avoid the years of fear and panic I went through.”

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