Spice Girls Christmas hit re-imagined as a safe sex same-sex single

And this genius uses a condom as the drums.


So the 16th December marks 20 years since the iconic Spice Girls ballad “2 Become 1” became a Christmas number 1. Well, now musician K Anderson has re-imagined the song as a love song between two men and used a condom as the drums.

To celebrate this anniversary, singer-songwriter K Anderson has recorded an acoustic cover, changing the song’s lyrics to ‘boys and boys feel good together’.


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The singer said,

“I always wanted to be in a girl band, and there is no finer than the Spice Girls! And, since one of the song’s messages is about the importance of safe sex, I thought it would be fun to use condoms as my percussion in the track (and they weren’t getting much use in my bedside drawer)”.

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