"Thank you to all the #LGBT people who fought for our rights and our place in this society"

Adult star Austin Wolf, has shared a heartwarming story to his 458,000 fans on Twitter of coming out to his mum for National Coming Out Day.

Like so many people, Austin chose to come out to his mum on the phone when he was still a teenager.

Speaking in a video, posted to Twitter, the star, said,

“When I came out I was 17/18 years old and it was actually over the phone with my mother, who was, needless to say upset, not happy. But when it came down to it, she loved me and she listened, she wanted to learn”.

However, as Austin goes on to share, love plays a huge part in family members getting over their initial feelings when their loved ones come out to them.

He continued,

“I actually remember her calling the rest of my family, very dramatic of course, ‘if you can’t accept him, then you can’t accept all of us’, which coming from a woman from Texas… and definitely didn’t exactly have an open mind about homosexuality at the time… that’s what love does”.

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Wolf who has filmed scenes for studios like Cocky Boys, shared the video on his social media and many of his fans thanked him for telling his story.

Fellow porn star, Ryan Cox added, “I had a very similar experience…I came out to my mom over the phone on November 25, 2007. That day changed my entire world. I am very fortunate to say my family fully accepted me as ME and has never waivered all these years later.”

A fan, wrote how “uplifting” the video was while another added that the story was “touching”.

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One commented added that Austin clearly had an “amazing mum”.

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