Credit where credit’s due. She apologised for her rant against PrEP.

When we usually report on Azealia Banks it’s usually to do with some awful homophobic slur that she’s used, like this, this and this.

The last time we spoke about the rapper, it was to report about an outrageous rant she went on about people using the anti-HIV medication, PrEP.

It’s not the first time Banks has taken aim at the sex lives of gay men. In September 2018 she warned against the use of poppers saying, “Stop sniffing poppers!! When you sniff poppers there’s is [the] possibility for your pain threshold to be heightened – which means you will not feel yourself being harmed until after the fact. No more poppers and fleets!!!”

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During her more recent PrEP rant, she said, ““There’s no reason you need to have a fucking pill so you can just fuck whoever you wanna fuck,

“The girls are getting fucking renal failure. They’re getting liver fucking failure, they’re getting anal warts, they’re getting anal cancer, OK? That’s a fucking death trap… Y’all stay off that f*cking PrEP.”

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However, Ms Banks has apologised for her rant, she took to Instagram and wrote,

“Hey guys, so…. a few weeks ago I went on a rant about Pre exposure prophylaxis meds and I am just doubling back to say I’m sorry.

“It’s not my place. It was extremely insensitive.

“Who cares if I meant well, that wasn’t the way. I’m really really sorry.

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Point Blank.

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Bravo Banks.

What is Prep?


Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a drug treatment protocol using a prescription medicine, prescribed by a doctor, which has been shown in medical trials to be highly effective in preventing HIV infection in gay and bisexual men, or anyone at risk of HIV infection. The drug can be taken daily and used in combination with other infection prevention measures.

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