She cares for your booty health...

She cares for your booty health…

Azealia Banks has made a proclamation and she’s telling you to stop using poppers when having anal sex. The entertainer took to Twitter to warn that you might not know the harm you’re doing to do yourself, well, your bum hole anyway.

In an astonishing Tweet, Banks wrote,

“Stop sniffing poppers!! When you sniff poppers there’s is [the] possibility for your pain threshold to be heightened – which means you will not feel yourself being harmed until after the fact. No more poppers and fleets!!! Embrace that boochie baby.

Fair enough.

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She then went on to explain that taking a big ole D might take “twenty minutes” and that is OKAY. In fact, if you’re the bottom, she says that you’re the one in control.

Just be patient with yourself. Sometimes it take 20 minutes to get inside a boochie and THAT IS OKAY. Don’t speed up the process by using poppers to accommodate a forceful top. Say “I HAVE THE BUSSY… I MAKE THE RULES!”


Her fans were quick to thank her, calling her, “the patron saint of bottoms”, “woke” and one even said that they needed to give Banks an apology tweeting, “she does love the gays”.

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In the past, Banks has been blasted for using anti-gay slurs and had a huge falling out with gossip queen, Perez Hilton. In 2016 Twitter actually banned her from the platform, however, her current account, which was created shortly after being banned has amassed 24,900 followers and is operating somewhat on the down-low and is not verified by Twitter.

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