The author, famous for the Adrian Mole Diary series has passed away at the age of 68.

A family friend of Sue Townsend has announced that the best-selling writer has passed away after a short illness.

Townsend, who lost her sight in 2001, from issues surrounding diabetes, was one of the UK’s best-selling writers throughout the 80s and 90s, whose books The Queen And I and Rebuilding Coventry and the Adrian Mole series contributed to the imaginations of teenage boys all over the UK. The diaries sold over 8 millions copies.


Townsend, born in Leicester in 1946, was diagnosed with diabetes in the 80s and underwent a kidney transplant in 2009. In December 2012 she suffered a stroke.

A number of fellow authors have paid their respects. Speaking to the BBC, Yes Man, Danny Wallace said:

‘If ever I saw that she was in a town close to me – and I’d never been to book readings or book signings before – but I always made sure I went to hers.


‘She was incredibly sweet to her younger fans and I’ve got all these books at home that she had signed and she would say, “To Daniel, from Sue Townsend aged 43 and three quarters’ or ’45 and a half”.

‘So she really understood what people loved about Adrian Mole I think.’

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Husband Colin Broadway and her four children survive Sue Townsend: Sean, Daniel, Victoria and Elizabeth.

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