Bianca Del Rio took over Good Morning Britain and it was EPIC

Bianca Del Rio is in the country.

Winner of 2014’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio, was in the Good Morning Britain studios this morning and it was epic. She is, of course, in the UK to promote and perform in her new stand up show, It’s Jester Joke. In fact, she’s making drag history to be the first drag queen to perform at Wembley Arena.

Appearing on GMB, viewers couldn’t help but notice that usual presenter, Piers Morgan, did not conduct the interview and replaced by Ben Shepard. It left people speculating on why Piers had missed out on the interview with Bianca.

One social media user said, “I just find it amusing Piers Morgan wasn’t there. Either he or the producers knew damn well Bianca would tear him a new one”

While another added, “We need @TheBiancaDelRio on GMB every morning! She would SHRED Piers Morgan to pieces!!”

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On the show, she also presented the weather with brilliant results! The next Laura Tobin?

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Watch Bianca talking about getting away with murder when she’s dressed in drag!

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