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Big Brother star on ISIS Bride: “She’s a threat”

Former Big Brother star Ryan Ruckledge has hit out at the so-called ISIS Bride, Shamima Begum who wants to return to the UK.

The teenager, Shamima Begum, who fled to Syria in 2015 from Bethnal Green in London to join the caliphate when she was just 15, now she wishes to come back home.

Ryan Ruckledge who starred in the 2016 series of Big Brother has gone on a rant on social media saying that the woman, who has recently given birth “is a threat to our country” and that she’s “not welcome”.

He uploaded the video to Instagram and so far it’s been viewed over 25,000 times.

Speaking to his fans, Ryan said that he couldn’t believe the reports he was hearing in the media that Shamima Begum wanted to return to the UK after leaving in 2015 to go to Syria.

In his Instagram rant, Ryan said that Begum’s baby should be taken off her and Begum herself should be “sent to Mars”.

He said, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing in the media about that this jihadi bride that f**ked off from the UK, went to Syria to join ISIS.


ISIS that has killed innocent people around the world, oh but now she’s popped a baby out… and wants to come back to the UK, well I tell you what, that is a f**king pisstake”.

“Scrouging off the NHS”

Ryan said the “ISIS Bridge” should be “sent to Mars” and that her baby should be taken off her.

He continued his rant saying that Begum’s baby should be taken off her and Begum herself should be “sent to Mars”.


He added, “Send her to Mars, take the baby off her, because she’s clearly not fit to have a child and tell her to get to f**k. What so she can come back to the UK, scrounge off the government, get benefits, scrounge off our NHS – oh why don’t we just chuck a free food hamper in from Lldl while we’re at it.

“No, I’m not f**king having this. She’s a threat to our country, she’s not welcome, stay where you are. You’ve made your bed, now lie in, hun”

It seems as though the reality star struck a chord with his followers, with many taking to the comment’s section to add their approval of his message. One simply added, “Amen” while another added, “Couldn’t agree more !!! Rages me the people saying she’s aloud [sic] back”.

One pointed out that, “I think most of the nation will agree with Ryan’s point, every time it’s on the news my reaction is get to f**k”.


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