Sam Giffen is in trouble with some viewers again after revealing that he has a problem with gay men acting “stereotypically” gay.



The housemate, Sam Giffen who is gay himself has attracted criticism on social media after having a heart to heart with fellow out housemate, Andy West.

One user even suggested that the housemate “hated being gay” after revealing that he didn’t believe gay men who act “stereotypically gay” were being true to themselves.

Speaking to Andy, Sam said,

“I don’t judge people, but what I do think is sometimes people think just because they are gay they have to act a certain way, because those people expect them to be.

“In certain situations they feel they have to act more stereotypically gay. Each to their own. I think you should be true to yourself and be real.”


Earlier in the week he was blasted for using the homophobic slur “bum boys” which he directed at on air lovers Hughie and Ryan during a heated row.


One viewer Tweeted,

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“Maybe they’re not acting, Sam… Maybe they’re more camp because they feel they can be themselves!”

Another called him a bad advocate saying,

“This conversation is stupid. Why doesn’t Sam realise that flamboyant queens are being themselves? That is themselves!? Bad advocate.”

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