Big Brother has broadcast its first ever marriage proposal as Andy West’s partner drops the big question.

Andy West was visibly shocked as his partner Ed dropped the big question live on television last night. It’s the first proposal ever for the long running Big Brother programme.

And it was a double one. First Andy, who has been away from his boyfriend for 26 days, asked his boyfriend, but Ed had one better – he actually had the ring.


Ed proposed to Andy when they were enjoying a private meal organised by BB. As Ed slipped the ring on Andy’s finger, he said, “Grey and old, baby!”

Andy responded, “I’m so lucky, I knew it before, but being in here – I can’t live without you.”

Ed told Andy, “You have made me stupidly proud.”


Andy West came to public attention last year after been suspended by the BBC for his criticism of them for including Tyson Fury on their Sports Personality short-list.

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He resigned from the BBC, saying: “I am ashamed to work for the BBC when it lacks bravery to admit it is making a mistake.”

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