★★★ | Blackout by Joey Jameson

Dice Valentine is a nightclub stripper with the body of an Adonis and dance moves which leave the crowds of men watching hot under the collar.

Becoming tired of the life of hedonism and the darkness of the world he inhabits, Dice is considering quitting stripping when he hooks up with a stranger for a night of casual sex. When the stranger is found dead the next day Dice finds himself drawn into a mystery which he needs to unravel in order to clear his own name.

‘Blackout’ is by turns erotic and thrilling with a plot which manages to keep the reader turning the page until the end. Jameson evokes an atmospheric world inhabited by shady characters and skilfully handles the genre of erotic mystery with a deft touch.

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Whilst being no great literary work in terms of style and execution, the novel is essentially fun and diverting which is great for a summer read or for an autumnal night by the fire as the seasons change.


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