★★★★★ | The Great Discovery, Jonathan Lemieux

You know me and my love for erotic fiction – oh, you don’t? Ok, I love words, they are sensuous and arousing, they can make you conjure images that photographers and illustrators may not be able to.

And as for erotica, I’m not talking heavy-handed Fifty Shades of Blagh either, I’m talking characters, plots and scenarios that you can relate to. This is where Jonathan Lemieux comes in.

His first of a series of erotic stories centres on Victor, described as the love-child of an Otter, a Bear and a Pig and this sets the tone nicely for the rest of this story.

Victor and his boyfriend Thomas have reached that point in their relationship where they either split or go down the “open relationship” route.

Guess which they choose? And, thus opens the floodgates of the Daddy section of this story. Victor realises that this is where his particular fetish lies. Jonathan is very descriptive, and ensures his story has a good amount of sex sprinkled throughout to keep you flicking those pages.

This leads Victor to online hook-ups and onwards to Bruce, his 50-ish year old bear conquest and his friend Matt. What follows is an interesting and descriptive threesome.

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Jonathan can write, boy can he write – his backgrounds make his characters real, give them depth – odd really for an erotic short story, but worth the investment.

His background as a visual artist seems to have given him an ability to be very descriptive about the situations he puts his characters into, and these are very 18+ and ain’t for the kiddies! The whole scenario feels real and that adds a certain edge to the story.

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The story is available here as a download or an actual book – take your pick.


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