Bradley Hunt has hit out at the suggestion that his debut single, Side Dish is about his former X Factor partner Ottavio.

Bradley’s new single and video must be one of the campest, colourful singles of 2017.

So last week, Ottavio released his debut single and this week, Bradley, who was one-half of the flamboyant duo Bratavio on the 2016 series of X Factor, has released his. But Bradley has insisted that the song is not about his former singing partner.

This is despite a scene in his video for the song, showing Bradley shredding a picture of Ottavio – before throwing the pieces into the air.

Whilst looking at the photo, Bradley can be heard saying, “can you stop stabbing me in the back, with that fork”.

Bradley finds a picture of his ex- X Factor partner Ottavio in a pizza box.

Bradley can be seen feeding the picture of his former partner in a shredder, whilst the lyrics “can you stop stabbing me in the back” are heard on the catchy track.


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After shredding the picture Bradley throws the pieces into the air

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Bradley’s single which was released today, has already racked up nearly 4000 views.

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