Here at THEGAYUK, our styling team love nothing more than scouting the globe to you the latest and best products.

Whether that be grooming products, clothing or tech, we’ve got you covered. As part of our endeavour, we’ve decided to highlight one brand a month. To give you the low down and highlight some of our personal favourite products. This month is all about Aussie fitness brand Pedal to the Kettle Activewear.

The name of the brand is inspired by the term “Pedal to the Metal”. They combined this term with their love of functional training and kettlebell training, to come up with the name “Pedal to the Kettle Activewear*. Their love of fitness is at the very forefront of this brand and its creation.

Vanina and Maria’s (the founders) own personal struggles with fitness brought the brand into existence, following their move from Melbourne to Sydney. Both feeling overweight and miserable, they took to fitness to reinvigorate themselves and create a more positive outlook on life. Their brand took to representing this hard working and productive mentality, with the creation of stylish activewear with an edge. Just like Vanina and Maria.

The result, functional and stylish activewear made to the highest attention to detail and quality. With the same quality control going into their products, as the nutrition and training regimen fuelling their bodies.

There’s also a flat shipping rate of 20 AUSD for worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are. You can be part of the Pedal to the Kettle Activewear family.

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Fairly new to the fitness scene, Pedal to the Kettle Activewear was only a registered company since April 2018. Throughout the remainder of 2018, the duo behind the brand spent endless hours refining the logo, concept and sourcing the best quality fabrics for their new brand. Then in November last year, the day finally came for the brand to launch online and since then, they’ve been going from strength to strength.

They launched the store with their Black & White collection, aptly named because who doesn’t love a bit of minimalist black & white. This collection marked the brand as a unisex fitness from the very start. As the duo said, they wanted everyone to train and feel empowered. No exceptions.

Product Range:

Following its initial collection, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Their male range now includes a variety of products from tanks to shorts and is constantly growing. Jazzi’s collection is a personal favourite of mine, bringing a hot pink into the men’s range, to represent the brand’s affiliation with breast cancer research.

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Hot off the press, they are currently working on a new collection. So make sure to keep an eye out on their socials. From what they’ve said, it’s very exciting! With possible collaborations between organisations, that use fitness to help LGBTQ and mental health causes.


Having been in an open discussion with the duo behind Pedal to the Kettle Activewear for a few months now, the phrase “Fitness saved us, fitness saves and changes lives.” has popped up a bit. What I took from this is how much of a driving force their personal passion for fitness, is behind their brand. Constantly being supportive of my fitness challenges (coming soon), Vanina and Maria really do believe in their brand as a way of empowering their customers through fitness. Having both faced emotional challenges growing up and accepting themselves, as being part of the LGBTQ community. The duo emphasises how much fitness has enabled them to feel accepted in a community and how it has helped act as a driving force behind their personal self-acceptance of themselves.

As mentioned previously, the brand is also linked to breast cancer research through Jazzi’s collection. This collection was made in honour of the duo’s friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sep 2018. After a double mastectomy, their friend is well and truly beating cancer’s ass and from this inspirational battle, the brand now donates 2 AUD for every piece of the collection sold. So wear pink boys, it’s for a good cause!

The brand also supports LGBTQ causes, they are focusing on creating links within the LGBTQ community. To promote acceptance and raise awareness and highlight the struggles, that people face. All in all, the ethics behind this brand strike a cord with our styling team. THEGAYUK is definitely behind this!

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Our Picks:

1. Terry Cotton Shorts ($45.99 AUSD)

2. Grey Tee ($39.99 AUSD)

3. P2K Black Seamless Tank ($39.99 AUSD)

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