And we’re so here for that.

So what does she want? MORE…

Imagine in your wildest dreams, Britney Spears even noticing that you’re alive, let alone Tweeting you lyrics to one of her most iconic songs…

We die.

Well, this is exactly what happened to out Olympian, Gus Kenworthy.

Taking to Twitter, Britney Spears tweeted the Olympian, “So proud of #TeamUSA!! Hey @guskenworthy, gimme, gimme more on the slopes today!! #ItsGusBitch”

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Gus, quite rightly lost his shiz over the Tweet, replying,

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“Oh. My. God. Was really not prepared to wake up to this. Not sure how I’m gonna ski today because I’m LITERALLY dead now but I’m gonna go that extra mile for you, Britney! Ilysm!!!”

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